Welcome! My name is Sydney and I am the owner, designer, creator and pretty much do-er of all things of Shray & Shanty. I am a one woman show but love what I do. I've always had a creative side and can remember always crafting something when I was younger or sewing with my grandmother. School projects where always over the top and I would decorate everything I owned with my personal touch. As I became older and a young adult, socializing with friends every chance I had became my life and I sadly stopped feeding my creativity. Soon enough settling down and raising a family took priority after I became a wife and mother.

Now that my son, who is my whole world, is older, more independent, and doesn't need my undivided attention all the time (for the most part), I found myself back at the craft table feeding my creative side once again. Starting out as just a fun hobby and stress reliever, I surprised all the special people in my life with my creations, who then told me I should share them with the world.

I started out doing craft fairs and my small hobby business began taking off. As more interest, recognition, and requests started flooding in, I decided to let my little business grow from just a hobby to a passion and go after my dream of running my own business and shop.

My shop has greatly evolved since starting in 2018 to now offering custom tees, clothing and many other accessories and items! Thank you for being here and supporting my business, it means the world to me and my family. When you support a small business you help someone reach their goals and dreams. Thanks for checking my shop out! I'm glad you stopped by!